Working For a Better Future

Projects are at the heart of what the Roosevelt Network at Berkeley does. We work with campus organizations, individual students and collaborations to help equip and position them to succeed in refining their policy skills and make a difference in their community. If you would like to speak with a RNB Associate about starting a project, or if you’d like to explore and brainstorm specific ideas, click below.

Policy Writing Projects

Policy writing produces a description of an issue, it’s scope, how current policies (if any) affect it, and what is an effective policy solution. The end product is a memo on a topic that explains the change needed to address an issue affecting society, and how it can be made.

Research Projects

Research projects go beyond simply reviewing the literature and aim to provide new insights to how our policies affect our lives. The end product is a report that shows the effects of policies, including evidence, how it was gathered and how it can inform solutions.

Advocacy Projects

Policy advocacy differs from general advocacy in that it aims for a specific change to existing policies – these could be called policy change projects. The end product is an action plan detailing exactly how and by whom the policy can be changed, and strategies to see that achieved.

Exploring Your Options

What type of project is feasible to tackle, and which isn’t? What has already been done, and what hasn’t? All of these questions come up, and we are happy to help you answer them. Scheduling a consultation can help you explore options and come up with a cohesive goal.

What to Expect

The word “project” may sound burdensome and tedious, but at RNB they are anything but. Projects are designed by you – define the outcome, and we help you get there. You will have a project consultant assigned to you to be a resource and point of contact as you go through the process, and after completion, your end product is eligible to be published in our Policy Bulletin.

Projects can be in-depth and take several weeks or month to complete, or they can be quick and able to be done in a weekend after consultation. It depends on what you want to achieve and how far you wish to go. All projects however strengthen your talents, get you more familiar with policy work in your field and of course leave you with a portfolio piece.

If you want to create a brief to your city council on improvement areas for basic needs resources in your community, we can help you make a roadmap. If you’d like to research how the number of public defenders available affects conviction rates, we can help you measure that. If you want to see what would need to be done to change regulations for receiving mental health care in your area, we can write an action plan with you. We will be with you every step of the way.

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