Policy Initiatives

Legal Policy Initiative

Helena Wu

Lead, Second Year

Majors: Legal Studies and Data Science

Hi! I am Helena Wu, a sophomore majoring in Legal Studies and Data Science. Besides, I am also an international student from Shanghai, China. My interests include legislative issues, policy, and law, especially corporate law. I also participate in volunteer activities for children with autism and children in the marginalized area. I wish to go to a law school after graduated and become a lawyer as my career.

Email me: helena_wujialu@berkeley.edu

Fiza Mehmood

Editor, Fourth Year

Major: Political Science

Minor: Public Policy

I am a 4th year student, originally from Sacramento. I am studying Political Science and minoring in Public Policy. I got into Political Science from my love for Peace and Conflict studies and I want to use my degree as a stepping stool to get into law school. As this is my last year at UC Berkeley, I want to explore as much as I can. Any restaurant, sightseeing, or fun recommendations are welcomed! A little bit more about me is that I love all things social media, food, and sleeping.

Email me: fiza.mehmood@berkeley.edu

Aminah Merchant

Publications, Second Year

Majors: Political Economy and Conservation and Resource Studies

Hi! My name is Aminah (she/her) and I am working on the SPIB Legal Initiative on the Publications Team. I’m a second-year studying Political Economy and Conservation and Resource Studies, with special interests in International Politics, Environmental Policy, and US-Asia Relations. Outside of RNB, I serve on the board of Berkeley’s United Nations Association and Delta Phi Epsilon Professional Chapter. In my free time, I love running, hiking, and making weekend trips to explore festivals in SF!

Email me: aminah.merchant@berkeley.edu

Environment Policy Initiative

Quintin Munoz

Lead, Fourth Year

Major: Society & Environment

Minor: Geospatial Information Science and Technology

My name is Quintin and I’m an undergraduate in the College of Natural Resources studying Society & Environment with a minor in Geospatial Information Science and Technology. I grew up in San Diego and have a unique appreciation for our environment and natural resources. I am interested in solving our greatest environmental issues (i.e. biodiversity loss, toxins, anthropogenic emissions) with science guiding creative policy solutions. After graduation, I plan to pursue a J.D. in Environmental & Energy Law.

Email me: Quintinmunoz@berkeley.edu

Cooper Limon

Lead, Fourth Year

Major: Society and the Environment

Minors: Public Policy & Conservation and Resource Studies

Hello! My name is Cooper Limon and I am a senior studying Society and the Environment with minors in Public Policy and Conservation & Resource Studies. I was born in San Luis Obispo, California and loved to play soccer, hike, and go to the beach for much of my childhood. I competed on the Cal D1 Cross Country and Track team for 3 years and finally have a year to play soccer again and maybe compete in some triathlon races. I am specifically interested in sustainable business, ESG, and environmental econ, etc. but am very excited to dig back into some of the science with the herbicide initiative this fall!

Email me: cooperlimon@berkeley.edu

Aaliyah Pondor

Editor, Second Year

Majors: Environmental Economics and Policy and Business

Hey everyone! I’m Aaliyah, a Sophomore from Mauritius studying Environmental Economics and Policy and Business. I am interested in the intersection of environmental policy and business decision making processes. Growing up in Mauritius and Kenya, I’m especially interested in global environmental policy. In my free time I enjoy writing music, playing guitar and volleyball.

Email me: aaliyahpondor0706@berkeley.edu

Khristina Holterman

Editor and Publications, Third Year

Major: Conservation and Resource Studies

Minor: Public Policy

Hi I am Khristina! I am a junior studying Conservation and Resource Studies and Public Policy. I am originally from the Bay Area, and am extremely passionate about environmental justice and law — specifically agro-ecology, animal rights, and Indigenous food sovereignty. I am super excited to combine my interests in both environmental science and public policy researching insecticide policies!

Email me: kholterman@berkeley.edu

Public Health Policy Initiative

Joelle De Leon

Lead, Fourth Year

Major: Integrative Biology

Minors: Public Health and Public Policy

My name is Joelle De Leon and I am a fourth year studying Integrative Biology with minors in Public Health and Public Policy. I’m really passionate about health policy and I’m looking forward to be working on this team! On campus, I’m the Outreach Coordinator for the Pilipino Association for Health Careers and I’m also a TA for Public Health 116 (Seminar on Social, Political, and Ethical Issues in Health and Medicine). For fun, I play on the Cal Club Softball team, go rock climbing, and spend time with friends and family!

Email me: joelledeleon@berkeley.edu

Alex Yu

Lead, Freshman Year

Intended Majors: Public Health and Business Administration

I am Alex Yu, a Freshman at UC Berkeley. Throughout my time in Berkeley, I plan to get a simultaneous degree in Public Health and Business Administration. I enjoy learning about unfamiliar skills and passionate about creating change in the world, which is why I want to get into public policy. In my free time, I enjoy running, dancing, and watching horror movies.

Email me: alex_yu@berkeley.edu

Dominique Marlin Andrews

Lead, Fourth Year

Major: Integrative Biology

I’m a senior Integrative Biology Major on the rowing team here. I’m from Philadelphia and love all Philly sports teams (no matter how bad they are). I love listening to country music, watching netflix, cooking and baking in my free time.

Email me: dmarlinandrews@berkeley.edu

Christine Ilumin

Editor, Second Year

Major: Nutritional Sciences- Physiology and Metabolism

Minor: Global Public Health

Hi! My name is Christine Ilumin (she/her) and I am a second-year undergraduate student at UC Berkeley. Pursuing a degree in Nutritional Sciences: Physiology & Metabolism with a minor in Global Public Health, my passions center around healthy living and advocacy for disadvantaged communities. I seek to address the issues that cause disparities within the healthcare system and to equip individuals with the resources they need and deserve. My other interests include food interactions within the body, mental health, and disease prevention.

Email me: cilumin@berkeley.edu

Benita Bheemisetty

Editor, Fourth Year

Major: Public Health

Minor: Music

Hi, my name is Benita Bheemisetty. I’m a fourth year Public Health Major and Music Minor. I am pursuing the Pre-med track. I’m excited to work on something within my field of interest!

Email me: benita22@berkeley.edu

Lindsey Duncan

Publications, Second Year

Majors: English and Sociology

Intended Minor: Politics, Philosophy, and Law

I consider myself to be an ambitious, passionate, and hard-working person. Specifically, I’m passionate about social justice, and I want to fight to ensure civil liberties and civil rights for everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or anything else. Previously, I have been involved in gender equity work, and I have research experience in the domain of feminist discourse on social media. I plan to attend law school in the future, concentrating my studies on social justice law as much as I can.

Email me: lindseyduncan@berkeley.edu

Education Policy Initiative

Gurleen Kaur

Lead, Fourth Year

Majors: Psychology and Legal Studies

I am a fourth-year undergraduate student, double majoring in Psychology and Legal Studies. I am specifically interested in the cross-section of psychology and law. This past year, I held the position of a research apprentice in EDENs lab and the Golden Bear Sleep and Mood Research Clinic, working on a variety of research projects ranging from the relationship between parole officers and parolees to mental health initiative implementation. This summer, I interned with the Solano County Public Defender’s Office as a law clerk and was a Schaeffer Fellow, networking with individuals working in policy and advocacy.

Email me: gurleenkaur@berkeley.edu

Jackelyn Diaz Perez

Lead, Third Year

Major: Legal Studies

Minors: Political Science and Philosophy and Law

¡Hola! My name is Jackelyn Diaz (she/her) and I am a third year Legal Studies Major with a Minor in Political Science, Philosophy, and Law. I am really excited to co-lead the education policy initiative alongside my peers! Some of my favorite hobbies include food, reading romance books, watching all of MatPat’s youtube channel’s (my low key obsession since middle school) , working out, and kdramas (my high key obsession since high school).

Email me: Jackelyd0506@berkeley.edu

Mckenzie Diep

Editor, Second Year

Majors: Economics and Urban Studies

Hi, I’m Mckenzie! I am a second year student studying economics and urban studies from San Jose, CA. I am interested in educational equity work, as I believe that access to education is a key aspect of reducing generational poverty. I think that school communities will gain more trust with proper oversight and transparency, and I am excited to analyze the effectiveness of school officers. I am currently working as the Policy & Outreach Coordinator for the Office of the Oakland Mayor and am serving as a Justicecorps member at the San Francisco Superior Courts.

Email me: mckenziediep@berkeley.edu

Daniella Espinoza

Publications, Fourth Year

Majors: Political Science and Chicano Studies

My name is Daniella Espinoza and I am a fourth year transfer student here at UC Berkeley. While I am originally from Fresno CA, (which I still consider my home,) I transferred from Santa Barbara City College where I discovered a passion for politics and how it affects my various communities. Currently, I am studying Political Science and Chicano Studies where I am allowed to focus on exploring the intersection of American politics and the greater Latine community. Specifically, I am interested in exploring criminal justice reform, political processes, and how such situations are intertwined within the United States.

Email me: dmespinoza@berkeley.edu

Media Policy Initiative

Hazel An


Majors: Economics and Data Science

Hazel is currently studying Economics and Data Science. She looks forward to working in behavioral economics and media studies. She hopes to partake in RNB research to look into the future of media and how our policy should evolve with its development

Email me: hazelan@berkeley.edu

Fawziyah Laguide

Editor, Fourth Year

Major: Honors Political Science

Hi! I am Fawziyah Laguide, I am a 4th year Honors Political Science student at UC Berkeley. My research interests include Education Policy, Nationalism, Patriotism, Feminism, Racial Equality, Political Unrest. As a McNair Scholar I researched how education of female trailblazers can increase likelihood of civic engagement among youth groups. I’m currently writing a honors thesis on how the U.S. education system’s way of teaching its American History can either positively or negatively impact the level of patriotism or “political hope in the nation’s future” among youth groups. I hope to further my studies in graduate school in a PhD program in either Education, Public Policy or Political Science.

Email me: mojisola@berkeley.edu

Jessica Chen

Editor, Third Year

Majors: Math and Economics

My name is Jessica, I am 19 years old, my pronouns are she/her, I am a 3rd year, and my majors are math and economics. My hobbies include art, movement, and decorating textbooks.

Email me: jessica2020@berkeley.edu

Emma Levi

Publications, Second Year

Majors: Political Science and German

Hello! I am a sophomore at UC Berkeley from Pasadena, CA. As a Political Science and German major, I am interested in pursuing a career in foreign service or international law. Outside of research, I am involved on music on campus as a member of the UC Berkeley Chamber Orchestra.

Email me: emmaclevi@berkeley.edu

Research Associates

Lucas Wylie

Media Associate, Third Year

Major: Political Science

Minor: Public Policy

Hello! My name is Lucas Wylie, I’m a third year studying Political Science and Public Policy at Berkeley. I’m very much interested in brainstorming creative new approaches to policymaking with likeminded people my age, I’m excited to meet everyone involved. When it comes to media policy and the internet, I believe existing policy is frustratingly behind the times. I was drawn to RNB because of how thoughtful I found the research questions—they felt like they had been written by someone my age, which (in my experience) is a rare thing. I look forward to working with everyone this coming semester!

Email me: lucaswylie@berkeley.edu

Tatevik Nersisyan

Media Associate, Second Year

Major: Political Science

Minor: Public Policy

Hi! My name is Tatevik Nersisyan, and I am a second year studying Political Science and Public Policy. My passion for policy research and design stems not only from my interest in improving social issues, but also from my aspiration of mitigating the disproportionate effects of such issues on the most vulnerable communities that they affect. Thus, most of my academic work and extracurricular projects focus on protecting marginalized communities through the intersection of policy and lenses such as racial, environmental, and labor justice. Outside of academics, I spend my time singing and songwriting, sustainable fashion hunting, and discovering Armenian literature!

Email me: tateviknersisyan@berkeley.edu

Katie DaQuino

Media Associate, Fourth Year

Major: Political Science

Minors: Public Policy and Interdisciplinary Human Rights Science

My name is Katie DaQuino. I am a fourth year majoring in Political Science with minors in Public Policy and Interdisciplinary Human Rights Studies. On campus, I am the president of Cal Habitat for Humanity and a facilitator for the Public Policy Review DeCal. I am excited to work as a research associate for the media policy team this semester!

Email me: katiedaquino@berkeley.edu

Lauren Adamo

Education Associate, Fourth Year

Majors: Political Science and Economics

Hi, my name is Lauren Adamo. I am a senior at UC Berkeley studying political science and economics. I particularly enjoy studying political theory and examining topics such as human nature and popular sovereignty. During my last year at Berkeley I will be writing a honors thesis that attempts to provide an alternative interpretation of Thomas Hobbes’ political project. It will try to undermine the idea that people need fear to inspire and sustain civic behavior. I am interested in researching for RNB because I hope to gain the skills necessary to help implement policy later in my career.

Email me: lvadamo13@berkeley.edu

Karima Itayem

Education Associate, Second Year

Majors: Legal Studies and Psychology

Hello! My name is Karima Itayem. I am a second year intended double major in Legal Studies and Psychology. I’m interested in police and policies regarding police. I also like going to the gym and watching netflix murder documentaries.

Email me: kitayem@berkeley.edu

Sydney Lee

Legal Associate

Major: Society and Environment

Intended Minor: Food Systems

I am currently majoring in Society and Environment with a potential Food Systems minor. I am most interested in addressing food insecurity and food waste through policy work. In the future, I want to work closely with communities that are disproportionately affected by modern food systems. I am originally from Southern California! In my free time I enjoy climbing, drawing, and collecting knick-knacks.

Email me: sydneylee@berkeley.edu

Nicholas Hall

Legal Associate, Fourth Year

Major: Economics

Minor: Public Policy

Hi! My name is Nicholas Hall and I am a senior majoring in economics and minoring in public policy. In my spare time, I like to watch and play tennis as well as hang out with friends. In the long term, I hope to apply my economics and policy knowledge onto careers like the Treasury. Right after graduation, I hope to work in product marketing.

Email me: nicholashall155@berkeley.edu

Sevde Yildiz

Legal Associate, Third Year

Major: Economics

Hi! I’m Sevde. I’m a junior studying Economics. My passion for economic policy and research comes from the belief that any path to true change crosses economics. I’m interested in finding global solutions to issues like income and wealth inequality through policy and economic transformation. One of the ways I aim to achieve this is by closing the gap between academia and economic policy makers in the future.

Email me: sevyildiz699@berkeley.edu

John Cook

Environment Associate, Fourth Year

Major: Political Science

Minor: Public Policy

Hello! My name is John Cook and I am a fourth year Political Science and public policy student. I am very passionate about the environment and am so glad to be working on researching legislation surrounding the use of pesticides. I hope I can meet everyone soon and am very excited for this semester.

Email me: jscook@berkeley.edu

Kate Malone

Environment Associate, Fourth Year

Major: Political Science and Conservation & Resource Studies

I am a senior graduating this Fall studying Political Science and Conservation & Resource Studies. I am originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, but have loved living in the Bay the past 4 years. I am super passionate about environmental justice and excited to further my policy knowledge on this project!

Email me: kate.malone@berkeley.edu

Serenai Dinçer

Public Health Associate, Fourth Year

Major: Public Health

Minor: Clinical and Counseling Psychology and Public Policy

My name is Serenai Dinçer and I am a fourth-year undergraduate student from Monterey, California. I am majoring in Public Health and minoring in Clinical and Counseling Psychology as well as Public Policy. As someone who is passionate about public health, policy measures are an essential component of solving the health inequities and disparities present in the healthcare system. After graduating, I plan on pursuing a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) and intend to work in the healthcare sector in the future.

Email me: serenaidincer@berkeley.edu

Angie Zhao

Public Health Associate, Third Year

Major: Public Health

My name is Angie Zhao; I am a junior student majoring in Public Health with a strong interest in how local policy and legislation shape healthcare and our living. My experiences as a volunteer allowed me to view the study of public health from diverse perspectives, especially the struggle underserved and underrepresented groups face today. After graduating, I plan to continue my public health study with a concentration in Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health. And I look forward to contributing my effort to improving overall health through a broad range of social issues and raising voices for communities.

Email me: itsangie.cal@berkeley.edu

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