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Spring 2023 Policy Initiatives Application is now CLOSED!

Thank you for your interest in SPIB. We are a UC Berkeley Registered Student Org (RSO) dedicated to engaging students at Cal with public policy and forming policy-oriented skills in analysis, research and advocacy.

Our leadership team, comprised of Directors and Associates, is essential to the success of SPIB and provides an unparalleled experience engaging with public policy issues and access to professors and administrators at UC Berkeley and Goldman School of Public Policy.

All Cal students are welcome to apply. Neither major nor prior experience with SPIB factor into applicant scoring. Position descriptions are below.


Policy Initiatives:

Every member of a policy initiative will serve as a Research Associate, with responsibilities outlined below. On top of the duties as Research Associates, you may apply to become an Initiative Leader, a Research Editor, or a Publications Team Member. The responsibilities for these positions are outlined below. 

Research Associate:

  • Conduct literature reviews.
  • Identify, evaluate and analyze current policies.
  • Find supporting evidence and conduct interviews with experts.
  • Contribute generally to the writing process.

Estimated weekly commitment: 3 hours.

Initiative Leaders, in addition to associate duties, will be responsible for:

  • Leading a team of 4-6 Research Associates and guide the research process, with the assistance of SPIB Policy Scientists and the Director of Research. 
  • Coordinating and maintaining operations with team members.
  • Scheduling team working meetings.
  • Keeping the SPIB Board of Directors updated with progress.

Estimated total weekly commitment (RA position included): 5-6 hours.

Research Editors will, in addition to the above, conduct the following:

  • Factcheck sources and claims and ensure all information is accurate.
  • Lead and guide the literature review process.
  • Be responsible for managing the bibliography of the project.

Estimated total weekly commitment (RA position included): 3-5 hours.

Publications Team Members will be, in addition to associate duties, responsible for:

  • Searching for and connecting with potential student journals, conferences and/or scientific journals for publication of the final results.
  • Filling out applications for the above and corresponding with publication venues.
  • Contacting advocacy organizations and activists working on the same issue and broaden the impact of the final research product. 
  • Coordinating the revision process for any publication offers.

Estimated total weekly commitment (RA position included): 4-5 hours.

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