Who We Are

Equipping Students, Enfranchising Voices

The Student Policy Initiative at Berkeley (SPIB) is UC Berkeley’s student-led policy think tank who aims to reimagine who is a part of the policymaking process and give students the tools to enfranchise themselves in the discussions that shape our society.

At UC Berkeley, we exist at the crossroads of theory and application – carefully researching effective policy solutions to social problems, and then working hands-on to see them implemented. Our model tempers academics and research with a pragmatic, real world, skills-based approach, and is intended to build foundations in the sphere of public policy for students across any discipline.

Why Public Policy Matters

There is no shortage of social issues we confront today, and they don’t effect only public policy or political science majors. We firmly believe that every student can benefit from understanding the world of policy, and strive to bring people normally left out of the discussion.

Therefore, SPIB is an interdisciplinary, community-led organization that accepts members from all academic and culture backgrounds. Our programs are tailored for a wide range of students, from those with no policy background whatsoever to those with high levels of experience, centering around our Three Pillars:

Department of Academics– Our DeCal is one of the largest on the UC Berkeley campus, teaching skills about policy writing and policymaking. Join our Academics team and become involved in educating the UC Berkeley undergraduate community about the power of policy.

Department of Advocacy – Policy doesn’t change on its own, and our programs outline how, when and by whom it is changed. We also provide support for groups advocating for policy change on and off campus.

Department of Research – Effective policy is impossible without careful research. Therefore our organization seeks to break down barriers for students to conduct their own research projects within our policy initiatives.

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